2nd leading cause of house fires.

Fire Safety 001

In a continuation of the recent comments on a local fire, I wanted to point out the second leading cause of house fires.

The second leading cause of house fires is Heating Equipment.  This would include a furnace, boiler, wood/coal stove, or portable heating system.

Please consider the following a minimal list to safely heat a house.

1. Have the furnace inspected annually by a certified technician.

2.  Keep any chimney clean and annually inspected.

3.  Keep portable heaters at least one meter or 39″ away from anything that can burn, and don’t use your heaters to dry clothes or shoes.

4.  Install and maintain a carbon monoxide detector.  Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless.  You can not see carbon monoxide (CO).  But carbon monoxide can kill you.  Be careful.

On a side note, we just received a shipment of SC25-400-C61 strobe, designed for a forklift.  These are excellent, inexpensive lights.  Please see our website http://www.fleet-strobe.com/strobes/SC25-400-C61.htm  for specific information and pricing.

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