3rd leading cause of house fires

Smoking is a tough habit. It is tough on the smoker, and those around the smoker. Just this morning I drove past a building with a smoker outside the building taking a cigarette break. It is not as easy to be a smoker as it was even 10 years ago. On top of the cost and inconvenience, smoking is the third leading cause of house fires.

Several ways to minimize the risk of house fires with smoking:
1) No smoking in bed/bedroom.
2) Supervise smokers who may become drowsy (on medications, prescriptions or otherwise, and/or drinking).
3) Be aware of any smoker who may have forgotten to extinguish their cigarette.
4) Use large and deep ashtrays not placed near anything that will burn.
5) Check furniture used by a smoker for fallen cigarettes/embers, a butt can smoulder for several hours before causing the furniture to burst into flames.

On a separate note, we sell strobe lights to improve the safety of drivers on/off the road. Stopping someone from smoking might save a life as well as a strobe light will. Please consider quitting smoking if you smoke. Do yourself this favor, and everyone around you.

On a very different note, we also have our SC20-400-C61 strobe lights for use with forklifts and similar machines  (the same use as the SC25-400-C61). This light is shown on our website at http://www.fleet-strobe.com/strobes/SC20-400-C61.htm    We have been selling this light for 18 years with excellent success and feedback from customers  on the cost and reliability. Please look at this light and give us an opportunity to provide these lights.

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