3 Forklift Safety Products


  1. Fuel: Always have a full tank when operating a forklift. While you may be a skilled driver, you’re not going to be able to haul anything without it. Even if it’s halfway full, top it off, you’ll avoid forgetting and potentially running on reserves.
  2. Check your surroundings: Before taking off, look around, make sure there is nothing in your perimeter that can equal danger. This way, you limit accidents.
  3. Lights: If you plan to operate your lift in a warehouse or during late hours, make sure you are properly illuminated. Adding a strobe light to your forklift is best for signaling other workers of your presence throughout the warehouse.

Would you like to add strobe lights to your forklift? Fleet Industries offers quality strobe and LED lights for them, perfect for keeping your warehouse, your products, and your workers safe.

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