The forth most likely cause of a house fire is “electrical equipment”.  There is  a substantial amount of power supplied through the cord to equipment in a house.  Substantially more power than is needed to start a fire.  To reduce the risk of a house fire follow the below listed suggestions:

1)  Make certain that all of your electrical appliances do not have a loose or frayed cord.  This includes everything from an oven or clothes dryer to a simple lamp.

2)  Make certain that your outlets are not overloaded with plugs.

3) Make certain that none of your cords are under rugs or heavy furniture.

4) Make certain that you are not overusing an extension cord.

Take the time to properly set up power usage in your home, and be careful.

On a side note, Fleet industries is now fine tuning our supplies of mini-bars with LED’s.  We will soon be adding a bar from Feniex.  It is less than 1″ tall.  We are excited and hope that this will become a favorite with our customers.  In the mean time, please look at our website at

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