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Fire Safety 001 Barn fire 2


Some unfortunate happenings in our neighborhood last week – a large, old barn dangerously close to an historic old home, went up in flames.  Don, having been a volunteer fireman in the past, said it was the largest and hottest fire he had seen in domestic structure fires! Fortunately, even though it was late afternoon, and consequently a low response from volunteers as many had not yet returned from ‘day’ jobs, those who responded were able to save the house. Those of us observing from a distance were amazed that the house survived relatively untouched, even at such proximity to the intense heat! A week later, and we are still smelling the aftermath of the smoke.

The fire investigators are saying that the fire appears to have been started by the reflection off a pool cover thrown behind the barn on the same day as the fire. It is difficult to be prepared for all of the problems that may occur. But please be careful with the obvious causes.

The number one cause of house fires today is fires started by cooking equipment. Please keep a watchful eye on all cooking, especially high temperatures with and without grease. Also keep all combustibles (oven mitts, dish towels, paper towels) away from any heat source.

Although not a big part of our business, we sell lights to volunteer firemen. We enjoy working with firemen and helping to keep these individuals safer while responding to calls. If interested, please check our website at , and call us with any questions.

Thanks and be safe!


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Embrace the heat this summer


Summer is fast approaching! It is a joyful time for many school kids who get to enjoy a much needed break from their studies, but it is also a much need break for us all from the chilly breeze that we receive in the winter. Some must-do activities this summer are:


1)  Go for a swim: Swimming tones muscles and builds strength and provides an overall body workout.

2)  Spend at least 15 minutes a day in the sun: The sun has been linked to support your immune system, increase bone support and protects against dementia.

3)  Go on a roller caster: Roller coasters have been shown to benefit your mental health. They release endorphins which is a chemical that makes us happy and alert.

Summer is the time to enjoy being outside. In between all your fun in the sun don’t forget to keep your lawn looking nice. You can mow your lawn at any time with and you can even put a strobe light on your lawnmower so you can keep your lawn tidy in the cool night while being safe.

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